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Preteen Fitness and Physical Education Curriculum

Preteen Fitness and Physical Education Curriculum

$ 75.00

These 50 preteen lesson plans are designed to engage those kids who no longer feel challenged by kids classes but are not quite ready for the teen program. They include a wide range of bodyweight movements as well as weighted exercises with dumbbells, barbells, and medicine balls. The wide range of capacities among this age group necessitates an individualized approach; thus loads are not specified here.


  • 50 days worth of Preteen Fitness Lessons
  • Warm up
  • Skill
  • Get Ready
  • Conditioning 
  • Challenge
  • With links to video for more than 15 movements 


The lesson plans are intended for use by qualified TBXM™ trainers, coaches, and physical education teachers. You can find information on our courses here:

Jeff Martin, Mikki Lee Martin and Keegan Lee Martin

[June 2016]