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Train Ninjas Gymnastics Lesson Plans

Train Ninjas Gymnastics Lesson Plans

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Want your kids and teens to not only be strong but also gymnastics ninjas? Impressed by the feats of gymnastics prowess demonstrated on our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube feeds? Then these lesson plans are for you.

They give you the tools to progress your athletes from apprentice to fully-fledged ninja within the Brand X Method class protocols.

Actual ninjas included in randomly selected orders.

*the actual ninja promise is pure fiction, the other claims are true.


These lesson plans are not intended to form to curriculum for a stand-along gymnastics program, but rather are designed to be used as supplemental to an existing mature children’s fitness program (specifically the Brand X methodology designed by founders Jeff and Mikki Martin).

They aim to give educators and their students an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of gymnastics fundamentals and their transference to fitness and athletic endeavors while fostering fun.

The 20 weeks of lessons can be integrated as a continuous 20 week focus to be used once a week in rotation with other class focuses. It can be used as separate few-week focuses used in rotation, or intermittently as part of a general gymnastics focus for the advanced kids, preteen, or teen age groups. We encourage you, as the instructor, to find a balance where the children experience enough repetition while keeping the lessons novel. In addition, the six progressions for each movement give the instructor the opportunity to design 120 lessons from the 20 template provided.

What to expect:

Each lesson plan fits on one sheet for easy use and follows the class structure recommended by the Brand X Method for elementary aged children (30 total minutes per session).

Each section of the lesson is scaled into at least three levels (basic, intermediate, advanced) with some skills broken down further into their components (foundations, developmental, intro) to allow for a wide variety of skill levels. The established trainer can adjust the class to adequately challenge each student in class using these progressions.

The lessons are progressive and intended to be used in succession, allowing students to grasp a concept or movement before building upon it in future lessons.